Borrelia and Lyme Disease

Many of you have mentioned that you’ve heard of Lyme Disease and that it is caused by exposure to ticks. What the flyers around campus don’t tell you is that Lyme Disease is actually caused by a bacteria. Here is a video that explains how the bacteria gets from the tick (or another reservoir) to a human’s blood.

Be an informed citizen about the science behind the disease!


Zika virus

One of my best friends and colleague in science communication and science endeavours, contributed to a blog post recently posted on The Rebel Mama. Taking away technical jargon, she talks about the zika virus, the infection you can get from zika virus and what you should know about zika.

Here is the link to “The Z Word


HIV life cycle videos


We have done a lot of talking, auditory clips and a few videos about the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). We talked about anti-retroviral drugs like protease inhibitors that are used against HIV. For further specific information about HIV life cycle, reverse transcriptase and how the drug AZT targets reverse transcriptase, I have posted three short video animations.