Class hashtag is #citsci2017

Please email me the twitter name that you will be using for the class. I encourage you to tweet during the assigned time using the class hashtag and a thought about what we have discussed throughout the day. This participation goes toward your Satisfactory grade.


Reading (and writing) from your binder

Please read the following already printed in your binder:

  • Weissmann, Puerperal priority,
    • write about one of the scientists mentioned in the text: what they discovered, what issues they encountered, anything interesting about their work and anything that was unclear
    • what are your thoughts on public belief vs public health?
  • Angier, Thinking Scientifically (read for fun to be inspired about science and thinking critically (pg 19-23 is sufficient)
  • Ewald, Evolution of Virulence (read, highlight concepts that are troubling or misunderstood, we will discuss tomorrow)

We will discuss in class and I will collect your writing at the end of class.

Zombie Attack!

The Day of the Walking Dead may soon be upon us… though most likely in the form of an infectious disease rather than a brain eating zombie outbreak. Tomorrow we will walk through possible ‘state variables’ a human can be in with a Zombie model. This will help us understand the process of developing and analyzing a model of a biological problem. We will learn how mathematical models can help predict disease outcomes and guide necessary actions. We will also relate the Zombie model to a real biological process like the Susceptible-Infected-Recovered disease model. Please read the introduction up to Part I of the Zombie Attack handout.

As a reminder- make sure to check all the posts on this site after each day as they will all relate to homework and/or content in the class.