Monday work!

Two more days of CitSci left! Can you believe it?! Hasn’t it been so much fun?!

Thank you for your enjoyable/interesting song requests and lab skills today- you are all lab stars! Even if you major in another subject, I highly recommend you to consider being a teaching fellow for CitSci or to try for a summer research project. You are all amazing and capable of being scientists.

Tonight Dr. Mark McKinley will speak at 7pm at Sosnoff. I will be there taking attendance. Please have two questions for the speaker or as homework to hand in tomorrow.

Tomorrow we are going to be counting your plaque assays so please watch the plaque assay counting video in the previous homework blog post! You know I will ask you about it 🙂

Please read Skloot, Chapter 4 The Birth of Hela for homework. I would like you to research two arguments to support using samples/cells from a patient without inform consent (this is possible without breaching ethical standards) and two arguments that are against using samples without informed consent. We will have a discussion/debate tomorrow. Be prepared to defend both sides. I want you to look for science papers or news articles or blog posts from reputable sources to backup your arguments.

If you have comments and questions to answer from me on your homeworks- I would like you to reply and address those comments/questions in a document or email indicating to me the homework it was and your answer. All of your responses are due by Wednesday at 4pm.

I will not be accepting any homework after 4pm Wednesday and will assess at that point based on the work you have turned in, your participation and attendance record whether you are S or U. Remember that over these last days you are still doing work to contribute to a Satisfactory.

See you at the talk tonight!


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