Night time work!

Thank you for your wonderful participation in reading and performing today. You guys are a riot. I especially appreciated the contributions during the vaccination discussion.

Thank you Sophie for the podcast suggestion. Here is the link if anyone would like to listen to the whole thing!

Tomorrow we are in the lab in the afternoon. Please read the lab handout about environmental isolates, transformation and the Keyboard Proposal. There will be a quiz in the morning about the lab and what we learnt today about vaccination. I will email out the  Keyboard Proposal and transformation lab info.

Writing assignment due Monday morning at 9am. Please write a blog post between 500-700 words. It can be a story, a news report or an opinion piece etc. I would like you to write about one of the papers that we have covered in the class (Paul Turner phage therapy, Patient zero HIV genotyping, your assigned journal club paper or vaccination using the documents I handed out today and a paper I will put in the email tonight). I want you to include a Figure from the paper and to talk about it (what are the variables, what kind of figure is it, what did you learn from the figure). I’d also like you to include at least one piece of creativity/media (link to a podcast, illustration, photo, video, poem) and to include it in your story/news report etc. explaining how it is relevant to your story. Please submit a draft by email to me by tomorrow at 5pm. The draft should tell me what you plan to write and include a short paragraph of one of the ideas you are going to expand on.

Finish Part III and IV for the Tragic Choices case study. Please write at least 200 words for your response. You have all the info you need from the handouts you received today. This is due by tomorrow morning.

The weekend will be lighter for homework. Please push yourselves, we are finished Rotation 2 today and starting Rotation 3 tomorrow! Remember we are in a new room in RKC.

Have a great night!



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