Homework tonight!

Remember to be on time to CE tomorrow morning and have fun! It is a much better experience for the 8th graders if you have fun and are enthusiastic.

For homework:

Become an expert (to the best of your ability) in the paper that you have been assigned. I want to see your concept map… here is an example of one:



In addition to the concept map, take notes and/or draw cartoon for the methods. Pick a Figure and look at the Figure description/Results section/Methods section that refers to the Figure. I don’t expect you to explain all the details, but I’d like you to try and write what you do understand and don’t understand. I want to see that you tried and battled through the technical terms to find the meaning. Tomorrow you will present the paper and what you understand about the paper.

For your research proposals, I’d like you to make sure that everyone’s role is equal and indicated on the proposal. I want you to think about variables and controls, how will the other tests such as the Kirby- Bauer and motility tests characterize your isolate? Do you anticipate your isolates to be Gram negative or positive- how will you test for that? I want you to comment on how the number of samples you use in your experiment will affect/support/or reject your hypothesis. You will present your proposals tomorrow afternoon. Be ready to talk about the part that you contributed. We will give the proposals to Dr. Will’s class at the end of the day.

If you’d like to watch the videos from today here they are:

Thank you for your participation (and bearing with the pseudo structured) Jeopardy game today. If there are concepts that we reviewed that you are still a bit weary about, please email me. I am happy to explain, provide a video or podcast etc. to help you learn.

Good night!


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