TGIF… but homeworks for the weekend!

Thank you for all your participation today! I really appreciate the feedback and reflections from the week. I will try my best to incorporate all of your suggestions. If you haven’t received feedback from at least one homework assignment, not to worry, I have been reading them and will provide feedback soon. I will be sending out midterm feedback this weekend by email. I believe all of you can achieve a Satisfactory pass of citizen science and I will provide some feedback on how to continue or make changes to get on the Satisfactory path.

For homework this weekend:

Read the Nature paper I will send by email. Be an active reader and take notes on what you don’t understand (terminology, techniques, concepts). Write an abstract that summarizes background, hypothesis, methods, results and major outcomes of the study. Be prepared to explain one of the Figures with phylogenetic trees. I will also be emailing a phylogenetic tree activity that will help you understand how the trees in the Nature paper were built and  I have included a Review paper that explains some of the major concepts in the Nature paper.

I’d like you to write 3 sentences at least on quarantine. What is it? Is it regulated or voluntary? Are there differences in quarantine procedures across  the US or is there a federal plan? How do you think a deadly or unknown disease carrier should be treated? What would your steps be to protect the person and the public?

I will include in the email a paper about variables and elements of experimental procedures by Fisher. I would like you to write out at least 3 important elements of the experimental method that are discussed in the reading.  Explain how they can influence the outcome of an experiment.

All of the readings and writings are due Tuesday by 10 am.

Please bring them to class or email them.

Remember that a written copy your Group Research Proposal is due Tuesday 10am. I would like the 2-3 pages length with all of the categories listed on the assignment sheet (excluding in the length) including the list of sources. Make sure you divide and conquer and everyone in the group has equal amounts of work.

You have 3 days to work on all of this so I am expecting substantial and rich content in your writing. I know you are all great writers and I would like to be pleasantly surprised by the efforts you put into your Research Proposals and your other writing assignments.

Remember you have the option for a final project. This is your moment to get creative with science. The sky is the limit in the format (write a blog post, make a video, record a podcast, write a song, perform a play, draw something, paint something, dance). The content should relate to a concept in infectious diseases that we do in the course and I would like you to explain how it relates to the course in a sentence or two.

Have a lovely weekend! Monday afternoon we are in Faculty Talks in Olin Hall. Check your schedule for the time. I will be there taking attendance 15 min before.



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