Evening homework!

Speaker Dr. Paul Turner tonight! 7pm, gym where the basketball courts and swimming pool are. I will take attendance in front of the building at the front door.

To prepare for his talk I’d like you to read this  Carl Zimmer article and the accompanying paper published by Dr. Paul Turner’s group (Antibiotics section of your binder. 13_Chan. Phage selection restores antibiotic sensitivity in MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa).

I encourage you to be an active reader while reading through the Phage scientific paper. Draw out and write notes on what is confusing. Take your time through the Figures. I would like you to explain what the hypothesis, impact, rationale and research design are in the Phage selection paper. Also, please choose a figure and explain all of the elements in the graph. What are the variables being tested, what are the controls and what results are shown in the figure.

For your research proposals, every group member needs to have the hypothesis, null hypothesis, impact and rationale sections. Individually I would like you to find 3 points for the impact and 3 points for the rationale. Remember that the rationale is why you are proposing to do the research you will be doing. You need to be convincing to the reviewers that your research study is worth funding. How does your proposed study impact its particular scientific field? How will your scientific work benefit the scientific field? You also need to have a reputable source (at least 3 scientific papers) that support each of your points. If you have a paper that can support 2 points that is ok, but I want you to justify where and why that is. Please include a bibliography in either the MLA or AMA format. You can hand this in to me by 5pm tomorrow, which should give you enough time to get to the library if you need to.

Thank you for your great participation today. I hope you had a fun time and learnt a few things about HIV resistance and experimental design. We will revisit these topics again. Enjoy the speaker tonight, we will talk about his work, in particular, phage therapy in the morning.


2 thoughts on “Evening homework!

  1. How detailed should our impact and rationale sections be? Should they be full blown science paper quality, or more like preliminary thoughts with evidence that we’re drawing from?


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