Homework tonight!

Good afternoon!

I hope you all enjoyed the meeting with Dr. Agwu this morning and the faculty lectures this afternoon. Please write one question and something you learnt from each of the faculty lectures you heard today. We will discuss first thing tomorrow morning.

I will collect your homework from yesterday in the morning tomorrow (including your work on the ethics paper I assigned). We are still doing the debate though it is pushed a day or so.

Please read the following New Yorker pieces about the microbes that live in spaces around your house! Write about what you find interesting, what you don’t understand, how you think this work could be useful in public health. What factors affect where bacteria grow? These articles may also be insightful for your research proposals…

What your dust says about you 

What’s lurking in your shower head

Don’t forget I want your group hypothesis by tonight at 8pm the latest and you need to have notes about the rationale and impact of your hypothesis. I also want 3 scientific sources that you will use in your proposal to support why you are doing what you are doing. You can spend some time tomorrow in class researching the sources as a group.

Tomorrow evening we have another speaker. To prepare for his talk I’d like you to read this  Carl Zimmer article and the accompanying paper published by Dr. Paul Turner (the speaker tomorrow). I encourage you to be an active reader while reading through the scientific paper. Draw out and write notes on what is confusing. Take your time through the Figures. I would like you hand in to me your notes and thoughts on both papers.

Watch this TED talk from Dr. Rob Knight who is a very famous researcher in the field of microbiology. Take notes on the video and provide one insightful question you have from his work.

Have a great night and see you tomorrow morning.


One thought on “Homework tonight!

  1. Had the honor of meeting Allison Agwu, the evening speaker of yesterday, that talked about HIV/AIDS today in class. Important to have representation being that she is a Black women in the medical field making strides. It was reaffirming as a PoC. I asked a question about stigmatization at its roots and learned further about how decriminalization is what education looks like. I am still wondering how it’s scientifically impossible to come into contact with HIV with saliva. What is it about it that prevents it?

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