Homework tonight!

Please read Thinking Scientifically by Angier- found in your binder. When you read it, think about the role of scientists, the process of conducting an experiment, what is science to you? Bring to class a thought to discuss based on the reading. Is it a particular experiment  or aspect about being a scientist or citizen scientist that you like or dislike? Also, can you find a pattern within the text that may suggest a gender bias?

Please read the antibiotics reading I passed out in class. Write a paragraph about what antibiotics are and what they do. How do bacteria become resistant? Do some research on your own and identify a bacteria, find out if it has an antibiotic that can be used as a treatment and if it doesn’t explain why it might not. If an antibiotic can be used to treat the bacteria, explain the mechanism.

Research and write about the Gram stain. What does it test and what kinds of bacteria could be identified by the test?

Write a paragraph about a topic in public health and infectious disease that we discussed today in class and/or relating to the TED talk we watched from Bill Gates. Some of the questions that came out of our discussion related to private vs. public health, bioethics, timeline (from identifying the infectious agent to vaccination) and the influence of media in portraying an outbreak or conveying information about an outbreak to the public.

Be prepared to discuss in class tomorrow. Also- please add your comments to any of the posts on this website. It is considered as participation to add to a discussion- on the website and in the class.

Thank you for your tweets today. For the next tweeting session try to post a thought or questions that could drive a discussion.


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